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My name is Jordi, I´m  a fanatic Barcelona tour guide and the founder of Joyous Tours. I am half Dutch and half Spanish. Ever since childhood we came to Barcelona and to Catalunya to spend the holidays and to visit family. Twenty years ago we moved to Barcelona and I have been living here ever since. During the many years that I have been working as a freelance tour guide, hosting all sorts of tours in and around Barcelona through various companies, including luxury travel agencies, I became a real Catalonia explorer. For some time the idea of building my own tours had been slow-cooking inside me, till I felt the time was ripe and this freshly-baked pie was ready for serving! So hereby I proudly present to you my Joyous Tours

Catalunya is a beautiful part of Spain that has so much to offer. I Invite you to take a look at our small selection of tours to, in our opinion, only the most exceptional sites. At Joyous we love to show people around, to get out of the city and to connect with nature, to enjoy all this beauty together. We are a small group of devoted individuals with many years of experience

Joyous Tours, for relaxing times… 

That’s our motto. We specialize in exclusive tours with small groups, we aim for quality and an in-depth approach. It´s predominantly English-spoken tours, but other languages are available. We respect your personal space and we want to find the right balance between guiding you and letting you explore on your own for a more personal approach

I hope our tours will bring you Joyous experiences!

From Barcelona with Joy,


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